"Altyn-Tuu" camping

Do not limit yourself to a journey that can change your life

"Altyn-Tuu" camping – is

The unique location.
Camping is located on the southern coast of the Teletskoye Lake, at the mouth of the river Chulyshman - in a picturesque and ecologically clean places of The Gorny Altai. The only way to get there is by boat.

Resort microclimate.
Compare with the northern part of the lake there is less raining here and more sunny days. You can swim in the shallow sandy bay’s water that warms up to 22 degrees.

Active recreation.
More than 10 tours and routes in the south of The Lake Teletskoye and The Chulyshman Valley: the largest waterfall Altai - Ucar, the highest waterfall in the Teletskoye - Ayu-Kechpes stone "mushrooms", rafting, fishing and much more.

Excellent cuisine.
One of the most important priorities of "The Altyn-Tuu" is tasty, varied and plentiful food for tourists. Russian and international cuisine. Three meals a day are included in the price.

The special atmosphere.
"The Altyn-Tuu" is famous for its warm ambience. The staff is always polite and friendly. Due to the natural borders of the place it is very quiet and save there, authorized entry only.

Transfer from Novosibirsk.
You will be taken by a comfortable bus to Iogach and further by a boat to the campsite through Teletskoye Lake. Tourists accompanied by representatives of the firm.Transfer is by schedule.

Satisfied tourists.
Hundreds of tourists from all over Russia and other countries visit Altyn-Tuu every year. Most of them come again and recommend us to their friends. Come and you! We will do everything to stay in your heart forever!