To agents "Altyn-Tuu" camping

Information for Travel Agents

We are looking to cooperate with travel agents.

For this purpose must conclude agency contract, the basis of which is rules of reservation. In other respects the terms are standard. We will send the Agency contract on request. Please send us a request on your company letterhead. After confirmation of the tour and payment, we will send to agency voucher with travel advisory which agency certifies by its seal and gives to tourist.

Travel Department. Room blocks.

Administration for occupancy of a camp is carried out by Travel Department of Atlyn-Tuu.

At the disposal of Travel Department - A part of the season places and places of room blocks remaining for 2 weeks prior the start of the tour.

When address to the Travel Department we will confirm your request or let you know whom of the holders of room blocks still have free places on this date. In the case of reservation directly in the Travel Department of Altyn –Tuu – payment will be made with LLC “Altyn-Tuu”. In the case of reservation directly from holders of room blocks – with the company-holder of room blocks.


LLC Altyn-Tuu provides services of camping, classification of "means of accommodation".
This is not the tour operator activity.

The contract with the «RESO-Guarantee» № 688641281 dated May 31, 2013 of Insurance of civil liability for nonfulfillment or improper fulfillment of obligations under the agreement for the realization of tourist product. Validity of the contract: from 05.05.2013 to 04.05.2014.

Insurer - «RESO-Guarantee". Address: 630132, Novosibirsk, Dimitrova Str., 19. TIN 7710045520/540743001, A/c. №40701810400570000029. in Novosibirsk branch of JSC "VTB Bank" Corr./ac. 30101810000000000824, CRR 045004824, RCEA 66.01.02 RNCBO 76697009 Tel .: (383) 334-00-81, 334-00-82. Fax: (383) 334-00-80.

In case of default or impossibility of performance for the purchased tourist tour and impossibility of tour operator to cover damages of the tourist, the tourist is entitled to appeal directly to the insurer - «RESO-Guarantee".

Customers buy reserved transportation directly from the carrier, paid locally.