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Rules of booking / Booking rules

Reservation is the service ordering, where the customer guarantees the fulfillment of all obligations arising from the possible failure of the customer from the tour.

Booking confirmation is a guarantee of service deliveries and appointed places in the camp, subject to timely prepayment or payment from the customer.

With the availability of places the reservation department confirms the application and makes out an invoice for service payment. At the request for a certain date a particular room in the camping and place in the bus for each tourist are assigned by reservation department. Herewith the transportation services are delivered by the representative of a transportation carrier. Payment for transport out and return is performed at the camping.

Applications from travel agents for accommodation in the Altyn-Tuu are accepted by e-mail.

If a payment or prepayment is not received within 3 working days from the date of invoice so then the application is considered invalid.

Purchase of places in Altyn-Tuu by private sector persons is performed in Booking Department and in offices of travel agents with the conclusion of the Agreement in any period of time subject to availability of places. Fault conditions from the contract services with the client are the same as at the present rules of booking.

Early booking - Tariff Spring. Services on special discounted prices are available on condition of full prepayment for all ordered services by client till april 30, 2016.

Tariff Summer. Is the basic tariff rate for the performance of camping Altyn-Tuu in summer 2016. It will be published on the website of camping in April 1. Places in the camp and transport are appointed in time ordered by tourist in the event of booking. Invoice for accommodation for the whole booking period is made. 25% prepayment of the total amount is sufficient for booking confirmation. All the calculations are indicated in the bill. The amount of the prepayment is indicated in the voucher.

Booking cancellation. Upon cancellation of ordered services on the customer initiative, the introduced payment or prepayment is returned to customer with the retention of a penalty determined by depending on the date of refusal:

To 15 days - without withholding.
To 14-10 days – withhold 20% of the tour price.
To 9-5 days – withhold 30% of the tour price.
To 4-1 days – withhold 60% of the tour price.

All bookings in 2016 are performed according to these rules, unless a special agreement formalized.

Accommodation booking rules in Altyn-Tuu 2016 are published on the website of camping Altyn-Tuu at the address: Text is constantly in the public unlimited access from March 1, 2016 and it is an offer published properly, through the single source, and the sole version. Information on service terms are performed exclusively via the website, links to any other publications are not considered.

Any way of tour payment and prepayment is the confirmation of the compliance with the terms of this offer.