"Altyn-Tuu" camping


План кемпинга Алтын Туу

Altyn-Tuu Camping is located on south coast of the Lake Teletskoye , at river mouth of Chulyshman - in one of the most beautiful ecologically clean places of Gorny Altai. You can get here only by water. Due to the natural boundary this place is very quiet and without strangers.

Camping is designed for simultaneous reception of 56 tourists. Tourists at the camp live in 2 cottages (4 double rooms) and 20 double bungalows.

The cottages and bungalows are right on the beach. From the porch or a balcony opens up a continuously varying 40 kilometer long view to the southern half of Lake Teletskoye , Delta Chulyshman, high mountains around.

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Camping Device

Tourists at the camp live in 2-cabins (4 double rooms) and 20 double bungalows. The cottages and bungalows are located right on the beach.

From the porch or a balcony opens up a continuously varying view to the southern half of Lake Teletskoye , Delta Chulyshman, high mountains around Stand-alone diesel generator provides camping with electricity. Electricity in the bungalows and cottages turns on several times a day, 2 hours in the morning, 2 hours in the afternoon and in the evening from 19-00 till 00-00. Services are outside, toilets are cleaned daily.

The camping has two washing houses. Russian baths (throw in) is opened as per daily schedule; hot water is available every day. The second small bath (for 6 persons) for private use on request for a fee.

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Tasty, varied and abundant food for tourists - one of the most important priorities of "Altyn-Tuu". Therefore, professional chefs from Novosibirsk restaurants work in our kitchen. Meals are of high quality and suitable for dishes of Russian and international cuisine. Own bakery provides with a daily new bread and buns. Vegetarian menu is available.

Three meals daily are included to the total price. Tourists feed in a spacious room, which was built in the form of Altai ail. There's also a bar.

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Rest and entertainments

Everyone having a rest at own discretion chooses the program of rest in a camping. Active rest program is offered. Global reach of excursions and routes from Altyn Tuu camping covers Teletskoe lake, river- valley of Chulyshman with inflows of Bashkaus, Chebdar, Chulsha.
See description of excursions.

Varied of options for fishing on Lake Teletskoye and rivers. Taimen, grayling, a pike.
View a program of fishing.

In the evening discos, concerts and others are carried in camping. Video library has documentary films about Lake Teletskoye and Altai Mountains.

Playground is divided into 2 parts, in one of which the table for Russian pyramid, in another — a table for table tennis are set. Also there is a ground for beach volleyball, and it is possible to play in badminton. Tournaments on volleyball, table tennis and billiards are carried out.

On a beach it is possible to drive on a water ski, a banana boat, water cycles and on water skids (bobskids). There are two small inflatable pools; one of them is for children. In July and first half of August Chulyshman water warms up to 18 degrees, and in small bay of Lake Teletskoye (300 meters from the camp) to 22 degrees Celsius. Lovers of water walks can rent a boat.

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All excursions in Altyn-Tuu thoroughly proven, risks are fully excluded. Meals are of high quality and suitable for everyone. The basic risks connected with the weakening of individual control on vacation.

There are no ticks on camping territory. But on some routes and tours have wet taiga nick with tall grass with ticks. In such places it’s necessary to put on protective clothing and regular inspection. In general, the probability of a tick bite in the region of Altyn-Tuu Camping is several times lower than for example, in outside of Novosibirsk. However, to ensure the medical care and tourists assistance resting on the south coast of Lake Teletskoye we recommend to get medical expense insurance for tourists covering transportation charges, emergency care, through the bite of a tick.RESO-Garantia, Ingosstrakh, VSK and other Insurance companies suggest insurance for travelers within Russia with the action in the Republic of Altai Mountains. The policy of Insurance is issued by the offices of companies with insurance agents, in travel agencies. We do not care where the policy is purchased. It is important that the tourist is protected.

For registration of RESO-Garantia Insurance you may contact the reservations department of Altyn-Tuu. The cost of insurance in a standard check is (7 days) - 380 rubles per person. Insurance handles the potentially significant costs (up to $ 5,000) in the course of possible insured event to insurance company. It is a bargain for the money and allows you to fully concentrate on holiday.

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Only MTS cellular communication is available. Clarify from your operator the roaming capability on MTS base station in Balykcha village Ulagan district, Altai Republic. If you are not a consumer of MTS, the most profitable to buy MTS SIM - card. MTS users are recommended to connect supplementary services on declining in value of calls in the time of intra-network roaming.

The signal level in the mountains – spots, in camp has a signal. You can call to the mainland only going to the beach or climbing higher. However, incoming calls are not stable and it is a normal situation in these conditions. Internet is also unstable. Don’t count on working online. And do not waste your precious time for this, being in the heart of the Altai, on the southern shore of Lake Teletskoye.