Information for tourists "Altyn-Tuu" camping

Information for tourists

You are kindly requested to be respected to cultural - historical values and customs of the habitants and to show example of careful attitude to the nature of the Altai Mountains.

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Each camper selects a program of camping at own choice.

All tourist routes and excursions escorted by experienced guides and instructors, all the routes are not difficult and are accessible to any healthy person between the ages from 10 to 60 years. On the routes tourists are provided (included in the price of the route) with all necessary equipment (2 person tents, sleeping bags, rugs, dishes), the food is prepared by the chief.

Necessary to take with you:

- Sportswear and sports shoes (extra set of clothes and shoes for those who go to the rafting);

- Comfortable shoes on the ribbed soles for mountain hiking route;

- Clothing for windy and rainy weather;

- Beach accessories, shale and hat for the sun;

- Personal care products, towel for bath;

- Your preferable and reliable medications;

- Camera or a video camera;

- Flashlight;

- Money to pay the selected routes, excursions, entertainment at the camp and purchase at the bar in the amount of 1500 - 5000 rubles.

"Altyn-Tuu" organizes the transportation of tourists from Novosibirsk to the camp and back as follows:

from Novosibirsk to the village Artybash (Iogach) by bus, traveling time 11 hours;

From Artybash, from pier to the village Iogach (left bank) to camping by ship, traveling time 4-5 hours.

By bus

The bus goes from Novosibirsk on Monday at 22-00 from Chelyuskintsev Street, building 3 (next to Railway station "Novosibirsk-main" Metro Area Garin-Mikhailovsky). Please arrive to the place of bus departure earlier for 30 min before departure. It is recommended for non-residential travelers to have at least 3 hours between the Artybash bus departure time and the plane or train arrival time. The same applies to the purchase of a return ticket. Boarding to the bus based on a voucher with the indication of the sit in the bus. Boarding and deboarding of passenger are coordinated by the company "Altyn - Tuu", who is in charge of all organizational issues on the road. Boarding and deboarding of passengers are possible only along the bus route. There are two short stops en route at the appointed stations. The deviation from the route according to individual requests of passengers is not allowed. The bus makes stop at 22.40 on the bus station Akademgorodok near the hotel "Golden Valley". Tourists are accompanied by representatives of the company "Altyn - Tuu".


Bus arrives on Monday Tuesday at around 8.00 to Lake Teletskoye in the village Artybash (Iogach). Tourists travelfrom Artybash to camping by the motor ships type Yaroslavets, boarding to the ships is on the pier in village Iogach (left bay). To get to the pier, it is necessary to cross the bridge over the Biya at the entrance to the village Artybash, and then turn left.Motor ships depart from pier to the camping in "Altyn-Tuu" at 8-30. Traveling time is about 5 hours. Everyone who arrives to Iogach (Artybash) by their own car should be in mind that there are no standard, guarded and fenced parking in Iogarch, the nearest guarded car park is located on the tourist camp "Golden Lake" in Artybash, in about 5 km away from the pier Iogach. If you arrive to Iogach by your own car just before departure to the camping, then you should solve the problem about car parking with the owners of the private hotels where you'll be staying. Tourists depart from camping at 14-30, and arrive in Artybash at about 19-30. On the end of vacation tourists returning back to the railway station "Novosibirsk-main" in Novosibirsk on the next day at about 7-00.

Additional information

All excursions of Altyn-Tuu are carefully arranged, all possible risks are excluded. . Meals are of high quality and suitable for dishes of Russian and international cuisine. There are no ticks on camping territory. But on some routes and tours have wet taiga nick with tall grass with ticks.In such places it’s necessary to put on protective clothing and regular inspection. In general, the probability of a tick bite in the region of Altyn-Tuu Camping is several times lower than for example, in outside of Novosibirsk. Please remember that the main risks on vacation are caused by the weakening of the self-control.

Twenty-four-hour support of tourists: Roman +7 923 150 00 87