The road to the "Altyn-Tuu" camping

The road to the camping

There are different ways to get to camping.

By bus up to Artybash, further by train through the whole Teletskoye Lake.
By own car up to Artybash, further by motor ship or boat through the whole Teletskoye Lake.
By own car through Kanu-Yaryk till Cape Kyrsai, further by boat.

We recommend starting your trip on Altai Mountains from Novosibirsk, coming on Teltskoye Lake by bus. It is more safe and actually more efficient (taking into account expenses for gasoline, personal car amortization, penalties on roads, parking).

By bus

The bus Novosibirsk - Artybash

The bus from Novosibirsk sets out on Mondays at 22:00 from Cheluskintsev Street, 3 (near the railway station “Novosibirsk-main”, Metro Area Garin-Makhailovskyi). The reference point – the column with a sign “Delivery to hotels. Sanatorium. Excursions.” Gathering of travelers at 21.30. The bus makes a stop at Akademgorodok at 22:40 by the hotel “Zolotolaya dolina” (Golden Valley). The bus arrives at about 8.00 o’clock the next day to Altai Mountains – Teletskoye Lake in Artybash village. The bus route timetable is valid for standard visits. The tourists are accompanied by the representative of the company “Altyn Tuu”. He coordinates the drop-off of the visitors and solves all organizational issues while travelling. Landings on the route are made only upon approval with the reservation department. It is necessary to the tourists to have mobile phones for connection with the trip attendant. The bus moves on a route, it can make stops, but does not wait for anybody, drives nowhere and does not return back. Approval of the place and time of a stop is the responsibility of the tourists. The bus does not drive to Barnaul, the landing for Barnaul is in Novoaltaisk, Chuiskyi Tract after crossroad with Novosibirsk Tract in direction to Biisk near the restaurant-hotel complex “Oblepikha” (Seaberry).

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By car

The ships with the tourists depart from the hithe Iogach to the camping “Altyn Tuu” at 08.30. Everyone who goes to Iogach (Artybash) by own car should bear in mind that there are no standard, fenced parking’s in Iogach, the nearest guarded parking is in the tourist camp “Zolotoe Ozero” in Artybash 5 km far from Iogach port.

If you come to Iogach by own car on the eve of departure on the lake in a camping, then you need to solve an issue with the parking of your car with the owners of private hotels where you will stop for night. Consider of the time for the road.

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On the boat

The ships with the tourists depart from the hithe Iogach to the camping “Altyn Tuu” at 08.30. Travel time is about 4 hours and a half. At noon the ships arrive to the southern coast of the Teletskoye Lake, at the mouth of the river Chulyshman. The tourists disembark directly to the beach of Altyn-Tuu camping.

At 13-30 there is a dinner and accommodation in cottages andbungalows. Bath starts from 17-00, dinner from 19-00. During the dinner time the tourists are given information about the offered program of excursions and active routes for the forthcoming time of rest.

The departure from the campsite is at about 14-30 o’clock on ships, arrival to Sec. Iogach at 19-00.

On the way back the ship makes a stop at the waterfall Corbu. A visit to the waterfall is charged and costs 100 roubles. It is paid in the cash to Altai State Reserve. At the entrance to the waterfall Corbu you can buy souvenirs, have lunch.

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From anywhere in the world

Prior to Novosibirsk.
To start a tour you can reach Lake Teletskoye and Altai Mountain in Novosibirsk by train or plane. Planes arrive on Tolmachevo Airport. Taxi parking is located on opposite right side of the local flight arrival hall and baggage claim hall exit. The travel time from airport to bus station which is located on the railway station “Novosibirsk – Main” is about 40 minutes or more depending on the traffic situation. It is recommended for non-residential travelers to have at least 3 hours between the Artybash bus departure time and the plane or train arrival time. The same applies to the purchase of a return ticket.

Prior to Gorno-Altaisk.
The reconstruction of the airport was completed recently. It is best option for those who is traveling outside the schedule. You should reach Artybash from Gorno-Altaisk by yourself - by taxi.

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Pass Through "Katu-Yaryk"

It is an extreme option of how you can reach camping "Altyn-Tuu" and is not suitable for everyone.

From Novosibirsk to Biysk - 348 km.
Next is a Chuysk path through Seminsky pass and Chikitaman pass forward to Aktash village (786 km. From Novosibirsk). Chuiski path is a federal highway covered by good quality asphalt. The road is very picturesque. There are hotels where you can relax along the way. Serpentine, many hided corners - you have to constantly check the speed limit.
From Aktash to Ulagan - 58 km. The road is gravel with sections of asphalt. It goes through Ulagansky pass serpentine. There is a last petrol station at the Ulagan, where you can refuel. The hotel located there as well.
From Ulagan road to s. Balykcha - 120 km. This is the most difficult and sometimes extreme section of road that you won’t forget. From Ulagan through Balyktuyul to Katu-Yaryk pass - 31 km. The road is not well maintained gravel road, serpentine with small ups and downs. The road is not difficult either in the dry or rain season.
Katu-Yaryk pass. Katu-Yaryk is a steep descent into the valley of the river Chulyshman, along the mountainside, the slope is nearly 70% (35 °). The height of the foot - 800 m, length - 3,5 km, 9 turns, the average slope - 18% (10 °), covering - soil, rocks. This pass is suitable for transport with good cross-country ability. There are no any fences but several side lanes for oncoming cars. During the rainy season landslides narrow roadway with large stones. During this period the pass is closed for a few days until the repair team with a bulldozer arrives from Aktasha. The lower section of the road is a straight road (1km) with a slope of 28 degrees. Brakes should be fully functional.
From the pass through to Balykcha - 76 km. The road is Gravel road along the left bank of the river Chulyshman, without difficult sections of road, except for a few small rivers that should be crossed in the shallow of the river. Cars should be 4 wheel drive.
There is a cellular communication MTS coverage area in the Balykshy, so you have to order a boat by phone Tel. 8-983-306-7400, to be picked up and transported to the camp "Altyn-Tuu", which is located on the right side of Chulyshman. Next move is to drive another 10 km till the meeting point with a boat, leave the car next to guard Paraev Pyotr Ivanovich house and reach a camping by boat.

Transportation is schedule

For tourists who arrive camping by their own schedule, it is necessary to pre-book a boat trip on the desired date and time.
Order by phone:
Sergey: 8-961-877-55-50;
Victor: 8-962-582-41-43.

Travel time by boat to the camping - 2-3 hours without possible stops.


For tourists who are coming on their own cars through pass Katu-Yaryk it is given the opportunity to transfer the car across the lake Teletskoye to the village Iogach by a specially equipped barge. And then continue the trip through the picturesque road along the river Bii in the direction to Gorno-Altaisk. For details please contact us by phone 8-961-893-35-27.

For details please contact us by phone 8-961-893-35-27